Behind the Ops


About Behind the Ops

Behind the Ops reveals the stories behind the innovators on the frontlines of operations — the determined engineers, managers, and operators who are driving Digital Transformations in production facilities, on the shop floor, and in warehouses.Hear how their journeys led them to operations, why they’ve embraced next-generation no-code solutions to build powerful apps on their own, how learning to rapidly solve problems has helped them make impactful contributions to their organizations, and what it takes to make apps that frontline workers don’t want to put down. Hear also how learning and leveraging this new way of enabling operations has led to personal growth, and has unlocked opportunities for them to work cross-functionally and lead within their organizations. In this podcast series powered by Tulip, Giovanni Carrara talks to the engineers that are transforming operations one app at a time. Each episode dives into one person's unique story and the solutions they’ve built with Tulip’s frontline operations platform.